Tuesday, August 21, 2018

36 Hour Campaign to Help Launch New Talmud Torah

 Group of Lakewood Residents  Launches 36 Hour Campaign to Help Launch New Talmud Torah

The Lakewood community continues to grow by leaps and bounds and the demand for new schools to cater to the many new families moving in is strong.

The newest Talmud Torah to open, Toras Yisroel, will be an elementary school for boys led by a group of mechanchim and Baalei Batim who put in a lot of effort to establish this mosad al derecho Yisroel saba, with an emphasis on Mesorah of yesteryear as well as secular department that meets the needs of the time.

The fledgling Mosad is launching a 36 hour fundraising campaign to give supporters the opportunity to contribute to the success of the mosad at the ground floor, and become partners in the success of the school for many years to come.

To read more about the Mosad and to be a part of the important campaign visit www.duvys.com/match/torasyisroel

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