Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Near-miss Between Train and Man on the Tracks

Hair-raising video shows a man being pulled up out of the way of a train with mere seconds to spare in Sydney, Australia.

In the video posted to Facebook by Sydney Trains, the city’s passenger rail network, an unidentified man ambles onto a deserted platform and seems not to notice as he moves closer and closer to the edge, until he falls onto the tracks below.

The video, which is a combination of footage from cameras in the train station and within the train's cabin, also shows the driver's view, which is obstructed by a bend in the tracks.

As the man tries in vain to climb back onto the platform, the driver can see only the tracks and the surrounding area and the train speeds toward the station. Another unidentified person then enters the platform, runs to the man and pulls him back up.

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