Sunday, July 08, 2018

Leshadech Raffle - More Shidduchim, Faster & Easier!

The ‘shidduch crisis’ that affects the frum community has reached epic and catastrophic proportions.

Support Leshadech and WIN $50,000 CASH! 

More Shidduchim, Faster & Easier!

לשדך" טוט גרינגער מאכען , און  העלפן שדכנים, אויספירען מערערע שידוכים אין כלל ישראל"

Leshadech is committed to support Shadchunim and provide them the assistance
needed to do Shidduchim throughout the New York area.

We are endorsed by major Rabonim in Boro Park with board members from Boro
Park, Williamsburg, Monsey. Our esteemed board members
also serve on the board of some of the foremost Jewish organizations in the

Leshadech, a division of Kesher, that has a worldwide database of information helping an army of shadchanim accomplish their goal. Hundreds of shidduchim, worldwide, Baruch Hashem, happened utilizing this system and with Hashem’s help will greatly increase. Kesher is one of the many organizations affiliated with Mishkan Yecheskel.

Help us help You, Your Family & Friends, and Klal Yisroel!

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