Monday, July 23, 2018

Energetic 2nd Dance - Negina Choir - Chaim Sheiye Weill

The Negina Choir together with the rising sensation in the Music spectrum – Chaim Sheiye Weill accompanied by the highly skillful musician – Luzi Landau,  Performing at a recnet event.

“Negina Choir” is widely renowned for their energetic and captivating performances, who for years have enthrawled avdiences  at Weddings and of any given occasion, in London & Europe. Bringing a simche up a few notches and making it an uplifting memorable experience, is what puts them a class apart.

“Negina Choir” is led by the very driven – Yakov Shiye Englander and is here Conducted by the talented , enthusiastic – Michoel Dov Schwartz.

Lekoved Shabbos – Shmueli Ungar
Boey Besholom – Mordechai Ben David
Vechol Maminim – Levy Falkowitz

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