Thursday, June 14, 2018

Don’t Get Arrested

13,176 Hours in 4 days!

By the Lishkas Hagiyus twenty minutes away from Tel Aviv, thousands of bachurim enter yearly, professionals are there waiting for them, and doing everything possible to get another bachur, another yungerman, into the Israeli army r"l.

Mercaz Hatzalah is combating face-to-face with these murderers, every bachur that arrives to receive his exemption there's a asken giving him clear instructions exactly what to say, every day of the year that the offices are operating, and if anything goes wrong Mercaz Hatzalah would take over the case, with their staff of lawyers, to save every single one from this terrible danger.

4 Yungerleit and 2 women are standing by the Lishkas Hagiyus 9 hours a day 244 days a year, which is the total of 13,176 Hours yearly. And about 7 Bachurim/Yungerleit walks in to the Lishkas Hagiyus every hour and get help from the askanim.


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