Monday, May 14, 2018

Safety Fire Sprinkler Proud Sponsors of the OJBA 2018

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It’s nearly ready to get the show on the road. As we approach the week of OJBA, we’re still going strong with interviews of the industry’s finest.

Have a look at our inside peek of Safety Fire Sprinkler, where we met with the company’s CEO, Ferry Pilchik.

We’ve toured the warehouse and followed the process to see how safety is approached from the inside out. With micromanaged efficiency and a team that remains focused on doing things right, we can see why Safety Fire Sprinkler is NYC’s largest sprinkler company in the Orthodox Jewish market.

A comprehensive sprinkler company, the team is involved in all aspects of design, coordination, installation and continued service of occupied buildings. They remain available and at the ready to make sure your buildings are equipped in the event of an emergency.

Safety Fire Sprinkler is on call 24/6. On May 16, they’ll be at OJBA. Drop by booth # 403 to personally meet the sponsors that know fire sprinklers like no one else does.

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Meadowlands Exposition Center.

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