Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ohad Moskowitz - Levado - New Single

Ohad Moskowitz with a new single from his sixth album that will be released soon.

‘Levado’ is an uplifting Chassidic song, in a sweeping summer atmosphere that will not leave you indifferent. Ohad first exposed the song during the show ‘Jerusalem In New York’ held in a hall in New York a few months ago, and the thousands in the audience responded enthusiastically.

"The uniqueness of ‘Levado’ is that it is an unusually catchy song," says Ohad Moskowitz. "I sang it for the first time in the show on the last Sukkot in New York, and within a few minutes the whole audience was singing with me, ever since I sang it in my every performance in the world. The song is bouncing, sweeping and I am sure the audience will connect to it quickly. That's why I chose to release it as a single before formal release of the album soon, "added Ohad.

The song was composed by Eli Klein and Yitzi Berry on the words in Tehilim “Yehalelu et Shem HaShem Ki Nisgav Shemo Levado”. They also musically arranged and produced the song.

The song ‘Levado’ is a single from Ohad's next album, which is due to be released around Sukkot

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