Friday, May 04, 2018

Niklesburg Lag Baomer Bonfire in Boro Park - 2018

The spirit of ultimate simcha that prevails in Meron each year at this time was recreated this past Wednesday Night May 2 2018 when masses of frum Jews came to celebrate Lag B'omer with the Niklesburger Rebbe, Rav Mordechai Jungreis Shlita, in front of his Bais Medrash at 16th Avenue and 49th Street in Boro Park. With the rebbe fervently leading the dancing, along with a live band and professional singers such as Lipa Schmeltzer providing the joyous music, people of all ages joined hands and danced in lively circles to commemorate the yarhrtzeit of the great sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who at the time of his passing revealed the secret wisdom of Kabbalah to his students and thus brought great joy into the world.

For many among the huge crowd, a highlight of this annual Lag B'omer gathering occurred when the Niklesburger Rebbe -- in a display of his characteristic openness to all and desire to foster achdus within Klal Yisroel -- danced separately with many individuals, including the numerous young men who flock to his shul throughout the year for Torah learning and inspiration.

Rav Jungreis' shul -- Bais Medrash Khal Chasida Niklesburg -- has become a popular center of Torah and tefilla throughout the year for Boro Park residents. Under the dynamic leadership of the rebbe -- who is well-known for his personal warmth and successful kiruv activities -- it features a kollel, as well as a special program on weeknights that offers an interesting shiur and a delicious supper to young adults. "We are thankful to all those who came out to celebrate with us on Lag B'omer," noted Rav Jungreis, "and we look forward to continue serving the Boro Park kehilla in a manner that meets everyone's needs in ruchnius."

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