Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kalish, Yedidim, Yiddish Naches, AT Production

What a Stage! With 45 people on board, Dudi Kalish from Israel is conducting this beautiful March with the amazing Aaron Teitelbaum 25 piece Orchestra, Yedidim Choir led by Yoel H. Fuchs, and Yiddish Nachas Boys Choir led by Moishe Kraus.

This all took place at the Amidei Zion-Bobov Dinner on February 12 -13 2018 @ The Venetian catering hall in Garfield New Jersey

This march was composed by R' Shlome Kalish brother of Dudi, and arranged by Dudi.

Please enjoy this beautiful performance!

Live Sound by: Solvetech
Mixed by: Baba Z.
Event Coordinator: Jay Kay & Joe B
Public Relations Chad kaminitsky

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