Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hunter Close Encounter With Bear in Tree Stand

Up close and bear-sonal

A 14-year-old hunter came close to becoming the hunted as he sat in a tree stand in Alberta, Canada on Sunday.

Davin Grunrow was out hunting with a family friend and was waiting patiently on a metal ledge attached to a tree when a black bear cub began to climb up towards him, Global News reported.

The bear made it to the top of the tree and almost appeared to nuzzle the boy as family friend Mark White began to make whistling noises to lure the cub away.

Grunrow and his sister had been taken on their first hunting trip by White, who said he had given the children a crash course in how to deal with bears up close.

'We always know, when we go in the stand, if the bear comes up the tree, stay calm,' he said.

'He learned everything that night I could possibly teach him.

'He got close, and handled himself unbelievably.'

The bear had approached the tree with its family, and had climbed up away from its mother to investigate the situation. After a short period of time, the bear slowly disembarked from the tree and returned to its family.

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