Monday, April 02, 2018

A Bar Mitzvah Gift - Lev Choir Ft. Yoely Brown

Enjoy this melodic video of Lev Voices at a Bar Mitzvah on March 26, 2018 in Kiryes Yoel NY. Featuring Badchen Yoely Brown, Who wrote this beautiful Lyrics and Gramen, Together they entertained the audience with a heart full performance and a special gift, a nice and rich perspective for his upcoming years of Torah and Mitzvos.

Saba Kedisha (Lipa Schmeltzer)
Ruzu D’shabbus (Michoel Shtreicher)
Shavas Aniyim (Yossi Green)
Kidshu Brich Hi (Meilach Kohn)
Dayeinu (Hershy Weinberger)
Loi Luni (Hershy Rottenberg)

Music: Motty Miller
Mixed: Aba Berkowitz
Video Shoot: Motty Engel
Video Edited: Studio On Dot

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