Friday, March 23, 2018

Yisrael Adler, Pinky Weber, Neranena - מאך שוין לעכטיג

For the first time ever! In a smashing duet, star singers Yisrael Adler (Israel) and Pinky Weber (U.S.) sing the touching composition “Mach Shoin Lechtig.”

“Mach Shoin Lechtig” is a new song composed by Pinky Weber based on the Seder passage “Uv’chein vayehi bachatzi halay’la” with a touch of Yiddish by Yisrael Adler.

Mach Shoin Lechtig is a song of yearning, prayer, and hope that we finally emerge from darkness to the light we are all waiting for. It conveys the wish that maybe, just maybe our redemption is around the bend in these miracle-filled days of Nissan.

“I sought words that express hope and pure faith in national and personal redemption, that every Yid would draw strength from in hard times, and say, look, light is rising,” Yisrael Adler says. “I shared this with my friend Pinky Weber and he instantly connected with the idea. This enchanting tune emanated straight from his spiritually sensitive heart.”

This song is arranged by Moshe Laufer and enhanced with background vocals of the Neranena choir with vocal producer Hershel Brisk, and mixed by Chaim Gottesman.

“Mach Shoin Lechtig” is the star song in “Lechtig,” the CD gifted to you with your Pesach Hamodia package for your Yom Tov pleasure.

Turn it on and find the light.

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