Sunday, March 25, 2018

Yeshiva Kochvei Ohr

Yeshiva Kochvei Ohr is a Chassidish Yeshiva in Monsey, intended to save our children,  our potential diamonds, from the dangers of today.

The Yeshiva was founded 2 years ago when a group of Bucherim wanted to be in yeshiva and learn but for different reasons were left with no yeshiva at the beginning of the Zman.  They insisted on continuing to learn, and with the help of a few special individuals they succeeded to form a small community or rather a FAMILY called YESHIVA KOCHVEI OHR.

The Yeshiva is staffed with special individuals who are invested Day and night with their heart and soul  to uplift, enhance, and understand each Bucher’s struggles. They are the best in the field of chinuch.  With an open mind, understanding the challenges of today  guiding them al derech Habal Shem Tov V’Chassidus AL PI DARKO, and b”h we have all ready succeeded to give them the right tools to work on themselves to succeed in life. Our goal is to make this world a better place with our boys in it.

In this short film you get a glimpse of what this Yeshiva is about, featured through our beloved Rosh Yeshiveh, Jewish renowned singing sensation,  Beri Weber. He is currently invested, with the help of his staff,  in ensuring that each bucher reaches his full potential

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