Tuesday, March 27, 2018

US Submarine Smashes Through the Ice in Arctic Ocean

This is the awe-inspiring moment that a U.S. submarine broke through feet of ice to surface in the Arctic Ocean during a training drill.

The USS Hartford is one of two submarines taking part in the biennial Ice Exercise - a five-week drill to assess operation readiness in the Arctic region.

In video taken last Wednesday, the Los Angeles class fast-attack submarine breaks through a sheet of ice covering the Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska, and then bobs at the surface before coming to a stop.

Sailors are then seen peaking out of the top of the submarine while others clean ice off the massive rig.  

Two U.S. and one British submarine are participating. The cost is estimated at $8.3 million, said Navy spokesman Corey Barker, but final figures for travel, contracts and other expenses will not be known until after the exercise.

The Navy has set up a temporary camp on ice in the Beaufort Sea about 150 to 175 miles miles north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

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