Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Shloime Cohen - Metzapim - Album Sampler

Chasidic singer Shloime Cohen best known for his hit songs Lemaalo, Machneisei Rachamim and Kadeshem, has just released his latest hit album titled “Metzapim.” As always, he doesn’t disappoint. Listeners will be more amazed than they could have ever hoped.

The album starts off with a song you are sure to hear at simcha’s real soon called B’siyato Bishmayo. After that the hits keep coming; Kosho Predoscha, Shomro Nafshi, Bnei Beischo and more. When you get to track five titled “Git Iz Git” one can’t help but get invigorated and energized and be thankful for all they have! If that isn’t enough, the album also includes the mega hit Da Lecho B'ni which Shloime previously released as a single and took the world by storm. The album has 11 songs composed by Shea Gross, Eli Laufer, and Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry. The production was done by Klein and Berry together with the famed arranger Ami Cohen.

The album is in stores now and available for digital download from Nigun Music.

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