Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Oorah’s Newly Released Shmorg Ready to Ship!

Oorah’s new Shmorg 10 is now ready to ship! The Shmorg is a classic among kids and adults of all ages and features lots of great content with over 4 hours of kosher entertainment!

Fiveish, everyone’s favorite character, plays a big role on this year’s better-than-ever Shmorg. Fiveish is the star of the show in Fiveish and Friends, The Great Cupcake Bake-off, and the Fiveish Magic Show. It’s not just about Fiveish though, The Oy Factor with Mendy Pellin will have you laughing, About Judges and Judgement will leave you spellbound, and you’ll be fascinated with this year’s Animals in the Talmud. There’s lots more entertainment on the Shmorg, so get yours now just in time for the pre-Pesach rush. Get your Shmorg FREE with your $50 donation to the Oorah Auction!

Watch the trailer for a sneak peek of what the Shmorg is all about. Watch here: www.oorahauction.org/shmorg or right here below.

Oorah's Shmorg 10 Trailer - More Than Four Hours of Quality Kosher Entertainment

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