Thursday, February 22, 2018

Insane Traffic Jam

Next time you’re spittin’ chips while sitting in peak hour gridlock, spare a though for these poor drivers.

A whoooole bunch of cars, busses and trucks were caught in a whopper of a traffic in Minsk, Belarus on Monday afternoon.

According to Belarus masthead Auto Onliner, the traffic lights malfunctioned at a busy intersection about 4.30pm, which created chaos for drivers.

Cars in all directions lurched forwards, resulting in the traffic jam to end all traffic jams.

But while you’d expect people to be absolutely fumin’ over this, Auto Onliner’s report says there was a jovial mood among the jam-ees.

Local authorities told Auto Onliner the congestion had been impacted by peak hour traffic, exacerbated by people leaving work.

We’ll try to keep this in mind when we’re battling Friday afternoon traffic.

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