Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Brazilian Purim 2018 - Yeshiva Guevoha - Music Video

Grammy Nominnee Helps Brazilian Yeshiva

Shai Fishman – composer, music producer and music director – is the creator of world acclaimed acapella group The VocaPeople. He is a Grammy nominee and received numerous international awards, such as: TheLucille LortelAward, the French Emmy-LesGlobes De Cristal and the British Arrow Award for the best commercial of the year, for his amazing work on T-mobile Welcome backcampaign.

Shai recently went on a trip to Brazil for a new production and decided to visit the Yeshiva Guevoha of São Paulo. He was deeply impressed mainly by the fact that besides learning Torah, most of the students also attend university. This, he thought, is a unique Yeshiva. This Yeshiva was founded with a very strong premise that any student interested in getting a degree may do so, even attending a non-Jewish environment, with no risk to his beliefs and Jewish principles, as long as the students have the Yeshiva support.

This makes the difference from this Yeshiva to any other; students can go to the university, get an education and still come to the Yeshiva and delve into Torah learning, listen to amazing speeches, and grow as religious Jews, in all aspects of Judaism.

Every year, the Yeshiva makes a Purim clip showing the life experiences of the students. This year, after Shai visited and witnessed firsthand the incredible work the Yeshiva does, he just could not stand by idly and do nothing. Shai, being Jewish himself, decided to take on a new task, help a group of Yeshiva boys make a great music video! And so he did, from beginning to end he was there. Be it as producer, arranger, recording artist, engineer and mentor – he was there for us!

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