Monday, January 29, 2018

Remake of "Little Kite" Abie Rotenberg - Avrumy Kalter

Music lovers worldwide know that when Sheya Mendlowitz spots talent, good things are coming their way. Recently, Sheya was introduced to new talent Avrumy Kalter who not only has a unique tone to his voice, but is also a musician.

The two decided to collaborate on a project and Sheya introduced Avrumy to his close friend, composer Abie Rotenberg. They chose to perform an updated version of the old favorite Little Kite.

With the project underway, they reached out to arranger extraordinaire Yisroel Lamm to arrange the music. 

The song Little Kite was written and performed originally by Abie Rotenberg in the 1993 release of Journeys 2. 

Enjoy this refreshing new take on an Abie Rotenberg classic,

Little Kite Composed by: Abie Rotenberg
Vocals By: Abie Rotenberg & Avrumy Kalter
Music Arranged by: Yisroel Lamm
Produced by: Sheya Mendlowitz
Cello: Yoed Nir, Timothy Leonard
Piano: Yaron Gershovsky
Guitar: Amit Peled
Bass: Mitch Friedman
Percussion: Jon Uman
Mixed & Mastered by: Baba Z @ Chai Beadel Studio
Video by: On Time Studios

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