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Monday, January 08, 2018

Hasc 31 Concert Highlights

At the thirty first annual HASC concert, at the David Gefen Hall in New York City's Lincoln Square. Sunday evening, January 7, 2018. Featuring, Avraham Fried, Rabbi Boruch Chait, Shalsheles, Eli Gerstner, The Yeshiva Boys Choir, Meilach Kohn, Simcha Leiner, Ari Goldwag, The Zemiros Choir. Master of ceremonies: Nachum Segal. Produced by Eli Gerstner.

Avraham Fried and R’ Baruch Chait - Kol HaOlam Kulo

Rabbi Boruch Chait Sings His Hits with Simcha Leiner and Ari Goldwag

Avraham Fried - Bring the House Down

Meilech Kohn at HASC Concert 2018


Daddy Come Home - Eli Gerstner & YBC

Yeshiva Boys Choir - Adir

Simcha Leiner - Ata Marom

Simcha Leiner "Meraked"


Finale from another angle

Finale from yet another angle

Fried Bring the House Down from another angle

Meilach from a different angle

Simcha Leiner "Meraked" from another angle

1 comment:

lo mavin said...

The stage was awesome, the setup, the band; it had all the makings of a spectacular event. Out came Avrohom Fried, it was going to be a night to remember...and then...where was 8th day? where was Schwekey????, where was Abie Rotenberg??????? Boruch Levine??????... then out comes Simcha, but just for 2 songs????? where was the WOW moment? Oh, nice, here comes Shalsheles, maybe something will happen...ok, aha, Meilech Cohen. very nice. where is Schwekey, Rotenberg, Levine, 8th day, Maybe Simcha will come back, ah, Boruch Chait. beautiful, but so much stage time? no more time for simcha leiner?...oh well, it's not even 3 hours and they are wrapping up. darn. what a waste of a night.