Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fisherman Jumping into Water to Avoid Crash

A video captured three people fishing in Oregon jumping overboard to avoid being injured when another boat smashed into their vessel.

The three were on the Columbia River last summer when they could see a motorboat bearing down on their position.

GoPro cameras show the fishermen attempting to wave off the oncoming boat before jumping in the water just seconds before the massive collision.

Oregonlive reports Marlin Lee Larsen, 75, told investigators he was unable to see the other boat from his because he was sitting down while driving

However, Larsen's son-in-law claims he warned Larsen numerous times to stop using his cell phone while driving the boat.

Larsen has plead not guilty to charges of reckless operation of a boat, and fourth-degree assault and endangering the lives of others.

Bryan Maess, an off-duty police officer who was on the boat that was hit, filed a $372,500 lawsuit against Larsen.

Maess says he suffered injuries to his ankle, leg and arm during the incident. The other people onboard, Christopher McMahon, 46, and Roni Durham, 57, also suffered injuries.

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