Saturday, January 27, 2018

Ever Wonder How the Fruit Gets to Your Table?

An exclusive behind the scenes tour of how the produce team at gourmet glatt truly gets 'the greatest produce in town' to you.

Just walk through our doors and prepare to be dazzled by the sight of produce tables piled high with colorful fruits and vegetables so fresh they actually seem to sparkle. Then check out the prices and prepare to be dazzled all over again.

“Gourmet Glatt has developed relationships with some of the best fruit and vegetable vendors in the wholesale market,” says produce department manager Hershy Silberstein. “They not only provide us with outstanding produce, they keep us informed about pricing trends, so we always know the best times to make our purchases. And that translates into great value for our customers.”

Having such a close relationship with the vendors also means Hershy is kept apprised of crop yield, which influences produce availability. “It’s not unusual for a vendor to call and say that  a shortage of a certain item is expected, and he is holding merchandise for us so we won’t run short.”

In addition to a wide variety of top-quality regular and specialty produce, Gourmet Glatt carries an ever-expanding line of pre-checked fruits and vegetables.

“Our customers have a right to expect the best selection, quality and service every time they shop,” says Hershy. “And we make sure they get it – at the very best prices – 52 weeks a year.”

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