Friday, January 05, 2018

Dvar Torah Parshas Shemo 5778

Parashas Shemos - Where is G-d When it Hurts? Rabbi Mendel Feigenson Chabad of Sugar Land.

Parshas Shemos 5778 - Rabbi Arye Royde. Understanding what defines a good Jew.

Rabbi Laibl Wolf's on Parshas Shemos. The Lure of Exile -  We slid into the Egyptian exile by trying to be more patriotic than the Egyptians. We built their cities and designed their buildings. Yet ultimately we were totally rejected. People don’t like ‘look-alikes’. They value pride in distinctiveness and principled people. Our agenda must be to share what is universal with our neighbors while maintaining our identity and beliefs in all respects.

Rabbi Moshe Snow - Take a Good Look

Rabbi Minkowicz Weekly Torah Lesson Parsha Shemot 5778 - This week the Rabbi answers the question: "How can we experience the redemption now?"

Rabbi Fisch onParshas Shemos

From Ohr Hatorah

Savannah Kolel

#ParshaSelfie Shmot: Become a Great Leader

Video Vort - Shemos 5778 - Rabbi Etan Tokayer

Shemos: "Oy Oy!" When the Baal Shem Tov couldn't go inside. Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Shemos: United We Stand! Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Shemos: There's what you said, and then there's what you meant to say. Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Shemos: "When things in my life change, I'm gonna change". Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Shemos: Body Language Kills. Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

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