Thursday, January 04, 2018

Car Demonstrates How to Get Out of Extremely Tight Spot

The Brazilian military police have posted an incredible video demonstrating how one of their drivers would maneuver out of a tight spot without hitting anything.

In the clip, the police car is between two sets of cones at the front and rear of the car with just centimeters of space between them and the bumper.

As he revs his car loudly, the back wheels barely move and the front wheels spin out of the left, narrowly missing the cones.

Although the trick looks impressive, if you're thinking of copying their skills, beware - the move will almost certainly ruin your tyres.

The maneuver involves putting the front wheels on full lock in the direction you want to travel in, putting the handbrake on, then revving the car.

After that, find the bite point of the clutch and dip it just below this then suddenly release the clutch.

This will create wheelspin which moves the car out of the tight spot so you can drive away whenever you want.

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