Monday, December 11, 2017

Workers Captured Bandits with their Forklift

A carload of would-be robbers who were foiled from doing over a massive hardware store had their getaway blocked by a group of hero forklift drivers, a video shows.

CCTV footage shows the suspected assailants moments earlier pull into a parking bay in front of the business in a bright red four-door saloon.

But a group of workers seated next to them in a white van jump out to tackle them after they notice the occupants acting suspciously.

The men appear to try and wrench open the doors of the car in the altercation, as they appear to be shouting. Another warehouse worker then runs over the help them in the ruckus in DEK, a builders' supplies store in Ostrava-HruĊĦov in the Czech Republic.

The dramatic footage then shows the driver of the red saloon suddenly pull out and speed off, apparently aware that the suspected robbers had no chance of pulling off a robbery of the massive hardware shop.

A quick-thinking forklift driver, however, reverses in front of the car and blocks its path of escape during the escapade that lasted for more than a minute at just after 5pm in the evening.

The car suddenly pulls off, reverses and does a U-turn and speeds back in the direction from which it came

But another forklift driver reverses back and blocks its path, before another two of the workhorse vehicles appear and block it from the rear, in the drama in the city in the Czech republic near the country's western border with Poland.

Several workers in overalls then approach the car, which is now caged in, with their arms waving while shouting at the occupants of the car.

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