Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Thousands at Funeral of Mother, 3 Children Killed in Fire

An entire community in Brooklyn is in mourning after a man tried “courageously” to save members of his family from a fast-moving fire that left his wife and three of their young children dead early Monday morning.

The seventh night of Chanukah was profoundly somber in Sheepshead Bay, where thousands of people said goodbye to 39-year-old Aliza Azan, 11-year-old Moshe Azan, 7-year-old Yitzah Azan and 3-year-old Henrietta Azan.

The community was similarly grief-stricken, surrounding the family’s car Monday evening. They walked alongside for as long as they could on its way to the airport ahead of their burials in Israel.

“This is a terrible tragedy for every single person. Every Jew, every New Yorker. There are no words,” neighbor Victor Shine said

Authorities say the deadly fire was started by a menorah as the family celebrated the Jewish festival of light, and hope it serves as reminder to be careful with lights and candles this holiday season.

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You need more reaction boxes to check - like - heartbreaking . This is so beyond heartbreaking. Hashem should give them coach.