Thursday, December 14, 2017

Poor Lion Gets his Head Stuck

This big cat made a big mistake when he tried to squeeze his head into a tiny hole on the side of a large food bucket. Workers put meat in a green container for the lions to feed on in a zoo in the Netherlands.

But when one unlucky lion tried to reach the remaining leftovers at the bottom of the barrel he got his head trapped. The poor animal panicked and tried to frantically tried to free himself.

As the video begins zookeepers can be seen filling a bucket with food while the enclosure is empty.
The lions are released back into the pen and immediately begin sniffing around the new item that has appeared in their cage.

After they eat the majority of the food and there are only leftovers remaining, one of the big cats sticks his head through a slit on the side of the barrel to get the last few bites. He soon realizes he's stuck and begins thrashing around - bashing into trees and thumping the container off the ground.

The other two lions start chasing him and try to help by putting their paws on the bucket. 

As the video continues, his lion friends get fed up and go back to lounging around, but the poor animal continues to struggle for the remainder of the video.

According to an onlooker, a vet came shortly after the video ended and freed the animal, which was unharmed. 

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