Sunday, December 17, 2017

Man Takes Revenge on Package Thieves

A man in Washington created a genius device to catch pesky thieves who steal packages from front porches.

Jaireme Barrow, from Tacoma, Washington, was tired of people stealing his expensive Jeep parts and decided he 'wanted to even the playing field'

He created one of the earliest models trap - using 12-gauge shotgun blanks, fishing line, bricks, a wooden box-like, a small box, aluminum carrying vessel for the blanks, a small plate, and a cardbox box - and has filmed numerous wannabe thieves.

Numerous thieves can be seen being caught in the action, with one unfortunate soul even stumbling over himself trying to escape the popping.

In his video, the man can be seen walking up to the house to try to steal the package on Friday.

As he looks at the box, it explodes and he fumbles down the steps on the foggy day. 

Another tries to take a box on December 1 at night only to be spooked so bad that he almost falls over the new gate that was put up in the last year.

In an earlier video from the year before, a woman can be heard screaming when she is frightened by the loud sudden noise. She runs back to the car that she came with.

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