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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Help This 6 Year Old Girl See The World Again

It all started months ago while our child was in school when we suddenly got that phone call from her teacher telling us that our child is laying on the floor after she got hurt in her eyes, after that we were rushed in to the hospital where after a few hours we were told that terrible news -that no parents in the world should ever hear- that our child is BLIND. after hearing that we started running around to all doctors in Israel trying to see if anything could be done to get back the eyesight for our beloved child, finally with Hashem's help one doctor told us that if we go to America, there is one doctor in South Carolina that has a good reputation of healing people in these situations.

After the doctor checked her eyes he said in a very positive tone that he has the ability of helping our child thru an expensive operation, upon hearing the price of the operation we were very shocked to find out that after going so much thru and spending so many thousands of dollars we won't be able to do the operation because of one thing; MONEY.

We felt very lost at that time, "how in the world are we going to raise so much money for our child's operation when we are already in deep debt of all the expenses until now".

Our dear Rabbi, Harav Nissan Duvid Kivak Shlit"a gave us his blessings and told us that we should do this point of Hishtadles and Hashem will do the rest.

Now we are coming to you with tears in our eyes that you should please help us in getting the money needed to get our child see again.

With just a small donation you can change her life!

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