Friday, December 01, 2017

Dvar Torah Parshas Vayishlach 5778

Shai Finkelstein - What is Completion?

Ohr Hatorah Dallas - Vayishlach

Parshas Vayishlach 5778 - Rabbi Aryeh Royde - The victory of the struggle!

Parashas Vayishlach - Prevail Despite All Odds - Rabbi Mendel Feigenson Chabad of Sugar Land

ParshaSelfie Vayishlach: Would you rather be rich or happy?

Rabbi Minkowicz - Parshas Vayishlach - This week the Rabbi answers the question: "What is our Job Description?"

Video Vort - VaYishlach 5778 - Rabbi Etan Tokayer

Vayishlach: They are the children Hashem gifted to me. Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Vayishlach: They put the Meshugaim near the Tzaddikim. Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Vayishlach: What do you do when you feel lost? Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Vayishlach: Return - Through a tiny "Till Here" Goal. Rabbi Shimon Semp, Monsey, NY.

Rabbi Laibl Wolf's Weekly Parsha Video - Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Rabbi Moshe Snow - Parshas Vayishlach 5778: One Equals 613

Rabbi Liebenberg - The thorn among the roses, the rose among the thorns- Vayishlach

David Appelrouth - Vayishlach: Stop Running From Your Reality

Rabbi Yitz Wyne - Vayishlach - Afraid to Live! - Fear of death is a legitimate fear, but fear of life is much more significant. Join Rabbi Wyne as he explains how this fear inspired Yaakov to live a better life!

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