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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Man's Door-shattering Entrance Leaves him Frozen

A delivery man was left stunned and holding nothing but the handle after he shattered a glass door while trying to make a quick entrance into a restaurant.

CCTV captured in China’s Shantou City on Sunday shows the delivery man running up the steps outside the restaurant in a rush to get to the glass door. He grabs the door handle and tries to burst inside, but ends up breaking the glass door into thousands of pieces.

The delivery man stands there in shock for several seconds, holding the door handle suddenly freed from the glass. He looks around the restaurant bewildered by what happened.

Fortunately no one was injured by the man’s incredible entrance. However, several patrons appeared to look on almost as shocked by the scene as he was.

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cool masmid said...

Thus a new meaning to the concept of Chinese Takeout!