Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Soul-Stirring Chupa - Pinye Steinwurzel, Zemiros

All participants and bystanders at the Chupa ceremony were uplifted in spirit as the rising star - Pinye Steinwurzel captivated them in joyous emotion. With the accompaniment of the Zemiros Group, directed by the talented Yoily Polatseck, it was just the perfect combination for a dazzling musical experience.

Pinye’s sweet high tenor voice, with his special flavor of Chazanus, amazed all his listeners in a unique manner.

The first melody - “Mi Adir” is sung on “Venafshi Shifchi”; one of the many amazing compositions by Pinye’s Great Uncle - the Pittsburg’er Rebbe Shlita (Ashdod, Israel), who is famous for his many masterpieces sung throughout the Chasidic world.

The second melody - “Mi Bon Siach” is sung on the well-known “Ko Amar Hashem” by the legendary Chasidic composer R’ Moshe Goldman A”H.


Sung by: Pinye Steinwurzel & Zemiros Group
Music: Arranged & conducted by Yidel Rosenfeld
Sound: Shaya Adler - Eagle Sound
Mix: Aryeh Kunstler - Roar Recordings
Video: Chaim Moskowitz - BenHesh
Producer: Chaim Menashe Freund

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