Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pilot Makes Incredible Crash Landing

A video has captured the moment a pilot made an incredible 'crash' landing after his small plane malfunctioned on Monday November 20 2017. The pilot had circled St. Mary's County Regional Airport, in Maryland, for more than 90 minutes after he realized his landing gear was defective.

An NBC chopper captured the drama from the skies as the plane finally came into land on its belly.

Footage showed an incredibly smooth landing as the aircraft touched down, without its wheels, coming to a slow but steady stop. Only a little smoke could be seen rising from behind it, from where metal dragged along the tarmac.

Moments later, the pilot opened the door of the aircraft and very casually jumping off the wing and strolling off the runway.

St. Mary's County Fire and Rescue, who had been on hand for the landing, were later seen investigating the plane - which was later removed from the runway with a crane.

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