Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Lion Pounces on ZAKA Chairman

The founder and director of Israel’s rescue and recovery volunteer organization ZAKA, Yehuda Meshi Zahav, was knocked to the ground on Wednesday when he was attacked by a lioness during a tour in South Africa.

Guides and locals reportedly fought the lion off with sticks. Meshi was transferred to a local hospital to receive medical attention.

“It was terrifying fear; for the first time in my life I felt fear, and the power of the lioness,” Meshi said.

Meshi was in South Africa for a joint training with South African volunteers and a ZAKA delegation from Israel. They were teaching the South Africans how to handle future disasters in the area.

During the trip, the volunteers took a break to go for jeep safari in the jungle.

Part of the experience included the chance to walk with lionesses in the wild. The group was briefed on safety and how to behave with the lions. Instructions included: do not bend over, do not kneel and do not stroke their heads. Meshi enjoyed a few minutes playing with lion cubs.

Later, he approached the full grown lionesses. He walked a short distance with his hand on a lioness’s back before she suddenly turned and attacked him.

“The lioness knocked me down and I couldn’t fall, because if I had fallen, she would have assaulted me,” Meshi explained. “Then everyone started hitting her with sticks, everyone was charging at her, including the photographer, so it was not filmed.”

He added, “I am not hospitalized at the moment, but they have given me tests to make sure there are no infections.”

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