Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Incredible Moment 217 Skydivers Smash World Record

Sky's not the limit!

Free-falling skydivers smashed a world record as 217 of them performed three stunning formations as they hurtled towards the ground.

Eclipsing the former record of 104 people, the jumpers fell from 10 planes simultaneously to complete their impressive attempt.

They broke the record for the largest-ever group to complete two and three different formations while free-falling, 217 jumpers taking part in the 'Sequential Games', in Eloy, Arizona, USA, jumped out at 19,000 feet.

Littering the sky as they jumped from each plane's hatch, the 200-plus daredevils swoop into their designated position in waves, forming a stunning symmetrical flower-shaped pattern in the sky.

With the smallest slip-up carrying potentially fatal consequences, these thrill-seekers remained completely unphased as they seamlessly transition into an extension of their flower pattern, before veering off to create a smaller three-tiered circle.

Skydive veteran and videographer Gary Wainwright was left stunned by the spectacle as he hovered above the troupe, filming the event.

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