Sunday, November 19, 2017

Defrost Windshield in Seconds with Weatherman's Solution

With temperatures set to plummet over the next few weeks, one weatherman has shared a handy hack for defrosting your windshield when you don't have de-icer to hand.

Meteorologist Ken Weathers, who is an East Tennessee WATE 6 News weatherman, posted a home video online, His tutorial involves mixing two parts Isopropyl alcohol, (also known as rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit), and one part water - things he says most people will already have in their house.

He advises mixing the two ingredients together and popping them in a spray bottle and then spritzing it over your windscreen.

As his video attests, after a few seconds, the windscreen becomes clear and he simply wipes away the excess solution. 

Weathers was subject to a few comments from unconvinced drivers who said the hack was dangerous and could crack a windscreen.

In response, he told the doubters that he'd consulted with body shops who informed him that if motorists wash or wax their car as recommended, there will be no damage.

He also notes that you can easily wipe the solution of without scraping or scrubbing too hard.
Another one of his viral videos saw him reveal how to protect your windscreen wipers in cold conditions.

He advises lifting the blades off the glass and covering them with old socks.

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