Thursday, November 02, 2017

Bedside Kumzitz for Toronto Man on Life Support

With tremendous support from the community, the family of Yochai Shalom Nethanel Ouanounou won a crucial victory in a Toronto court on Wednesday, when they convinced a judge to issue an interim injunction to prevent doctors at Humber River Hospital from taking Ouanounou off of life support R”L.

Yochai Shalom Nethanel, 25, is breathing with the help of a respirator, after suffering a cardiac arrest brought on by a severe asthmatic attack on Septempber 27. Doctors say he is clinically brain dead and thus want to “pull the plug,” removing him from essential life support. A death certificate has already been issued, in line with the generally accepted position of the Ontario medical community that the statutory definition of death is cessation of brain functions. Click Here for Full Story.

Please be mispallel for Yochai Shalom Nethanel ben Rivkah.

Toronto Resident Shlomo Simcha Sufrin, along with Yaako Shwekey and other fiends, sing at the bedside of Yochai Shalom Nethanel.

Hundreds pack Toronto courtroom for hearing on Jewish man's life support

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