Monday, November 06, 2017

BBC Underwater Crew Attacked by 20ft Sharks

The crew behind the most watched programme on television have revealed the death-defying lengths they went to to bring the show to our screens.

Viewers of Blue Planet II watched the horrifying moment sixgill sharks attacked the crew's submarine after mistaking it for a predator.

Crew members feared for their lives some 700 metres below the ocean surface as they were faced with seven of the 20ft sharks attempting to smash the glass of their sub.

Fortunately the sharks soon turned their attention away from the team and back to the 30 tonne whale carcass, ripping into it in the deep abyss.

The sixgill sharks tore into the carcass, sending plumes of blood into the water, with the force of their bites shaking the 30 tonne carcass like a rag-doll.

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