Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What Does Inspire Mean to YOU?

In preparation for this year's "Great Big Flatbush Shabbos of Inspiration - Chizzuk in Chinuch" on The Shabbos Project, The Project Inspire Team hit the road this past summer to meet literally hundreds of kids.

With this year's theme focused on Chinuch in our homes - campers from Camps Aguda, Magen Av and Tashbar were asked - "What Does Inspire Mean?", "What Makes YOU Inspired?" and " What Inspires YOU About Shabbos?".  WATCH here and see what they say!

JOIN US this Parshas Lech Lecha October 27-28th for the Great Big Flatbush Shabbos of Inspiration at Agudath Israel Bais Binyomin: 2913 Avenue L, Brooklyn, NY 11210.

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