Wednesday, September 13, 2017

When Everything is at a Standstill - GO2 Chaverim

Too often, when everything is at a standstill, it’s Chaverim that you GO2 to get thing GO-ing again. And now, it’s Chaverim’s turn to GO2 you as Chaverim launches it’s GO2 Chaverim Raffle Campaign requesting help from all of those who benefit from Chaverim the most - which means YOU as those who you GO2 when you need help  are hoping they  can GO2  you for the same.
 By signing up to  help Chaverim of Rockland  County  hit their  goal of “every month, every family” the $10 a month donation will help Chaverim keep up their impressive array of totally free services and continue to  do what they do best - assist people just  like you. Help keep Chaverim GO-ing further!

To participate in the raffle GO2 or call (845) 371-6334.

Video produced by: Sharp Productions
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