Thursday, September 14, 2017

The "Levi Cohen Funk Set" - EvanAl Orchestra

A long awaited clip from EvanAl, brand new singer, awesome songs, fresh arrangements.

The "Levi Cohen Funk Set" - EvanAl Orchestra
Performed by EvanAl and Levi Cohen

Have you met Levi? His new album "Neukdah Tovah" was just released, and listeners are getting to know this new singer fresh in the industry from London!

Levi Cohen joins together with EvanAl Orchestra to perform a hot funk set! Songs including his new song Tedaber, Meilich Kohn's B'Derech and MBD's Biynan Hasimcha!

Arranged by: Eli Lax
Audio by: Shy Clyman (SC Events)
Mixed by: Aryeh Kunstler (Roar Recording)
Video shot by: Motty Engel
Video edited by: Menachem Weinstein aka Munch Media

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