Saturday, September 02, 2017

Simcha Leiner + Krohma Music “Top-of-the-Charts”

The dynamic combination of “Top-of-the-Charts” Vocalist Simcha Leiner together with the unparalleled, innovative and thrilling backing of KROHMA, result in these cutting-edge, soul-stirring performances.

Dovid Hamelech composed by Yossi Green & recorded by Eli Marcus
KROHMA Music conducted and arranged by Nochi Krohn
Videographer Motty Engel
Video editor Jake Sojcher
Live recording engineer Ian Freitor
Sound Production Black Arrow Productions
Mix and mastering Nochi Krohn
Event manager Michael Sojcher
International scribe Bluma Uzan
Filmed live at the wedding Simcha of Chaviva Kain & Jeremy Mehl. March 23, 2017, Woodbury Jewish Center.

KROHMA Music is Nochi Krohn, Yosaif Krohn, Sruli Weinstein and Vlad

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