Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sights and Sounds of Hurricane Irma

Bird's-eye view of Hurricane Irma's destruction in Florida

Aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Naples, Florida

Paradise in ruins: Devastation caused by Irma in Barbuda (AERIAL FOOTAGE)

Simon Brewer, a storm chaser, tries to gather data about Hurricane Irma and in doing so, witnesses the power of the storm.

Television station WPLG caught a suspected looting incident at a Fort Lauderdale, Florida shoe store Sunday as Hurricane Irma approached the area

Man in Key West is wiped out by a giant wave while snapping a photo at the US's southernmost point as people ignore Irma threat to pose for Selfies

Sign language interpreter steals the show during Hurricane Irma press conference with dramatic facial expressions

Florida Governor Rick Scott With The Latest Update On Hurricane Irma Recovery Efforts

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