Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Shlomo Simcha - Tateh Oy Tatenyu - Music Video

This new tune to Avinu Malkeinu titled “Tate Oy Tatenyu,” was composed by R’ Pinchas Wolf, a 71 year old Detroit native. A few years ago, when most people R’ Pinchas’s age look to “slow down a bit and relax “, R’ Pinchas undertook producing and releasing the 200+original compositions he had written over the years. In the last year and a half R’ Pinchas has already released two albums featuring his very special music as performed by some of the top artists in  Jewish music

As the Yomim Noraim are almost upon us, R’ Pinchas felt it was the ideal time to release this stirring new niggun accompanied by an equally stirring performance courtesy of the incomparable Shlomo Simcha. Avinu Malkeinu will be featured on the upcoming Shirei Pinchas 3 due to be released in time for Chanukah. To fully convey the “soul” of the song and ensure that it connects with the broadest listener base possible, R’ Pinchas enlisted the talents of David Lennik of Better World Productions. Using the world famous  Bialystoker shul as a backdrop , Lennik and his team elevated  R’ Pinchas’ already stellar nigun and  Shlomo  Simcha's poignant performance  into a world class, timeless message of Emunah, and Bitachon that will help  the listener gain an invaluable new perspective  just in time for the new year.

Composed by Pinchas Wolf
Song arranged & produced by: Doni Gross
Vocals by: Shlomo Simcha

Video Credits:
Executive Producer: Yossi Zweig / Jewish Insights.com
Produced & Directed by: David Lenik, Better World Productions
Concept & Treatment by: Yaelshusband@gmail.com
DP/Editor: Michael Adams, Blackline Productions
After Effects: Avraham Nosson Kohn, Filmdust.tv

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