Monday, September 04, 2017

Police Chase Takes to the Ocean

Just when you thought it was safe to flee to the water…

A North Carolina man found himself swimming with the sharks after diving into the ocean to evade police, according to the Surf City Police

Authorities say Zachary Kingsbury was pulled over and during the traffic stop, officers noticed contraband in the passenger area of his car. Rather than face the music, the 20-year-old decided to flee on foot.

Surf City Police say Kingsbury took off running toward the ocean before deciding to jump in the ocean and swim away.

Using a drone to track the perp, authorities were able to see a shark lurking nearby Kingsbury as he paddled to nowhere in particular. 

According to police, he was more than 4,000 feet away from shore when police lost sight of him and called in assistance. The Coast Guard and several other agencies got in on the chase and were able to locate the suspect.

Officials say the chase went on for over three hours.

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