Thursday, September 07, 2017

Levi Lesin Production Ft. Shimmy Engel & Lev Choir

Enjoy an impeccable musical performance as Levi Lesin collaborates with the awesome Shimmy Engel, with dynamic vocals done by the renowned Lev Choir,

Performed at a recent wedding in Tiferes Mordchai Borough park on June 8th,

This stellar performance features the latest hits from across the Jewish Music scene, seasoned with the unique sounds of Lev Voices and infused with Shimmy's great energy. this stirring presentation of all your favorites is definitely worth watching!

Watch and Enjoy!

Music arranged by: Levi Lesin 🎹
Vocals: Shimmy Engel & Lev Choir 🎤
Live Sound: BH-Sound 🎧
Live Engineering: Yoily Karpen 🎼
Production Manager: Dovid Jacobs
Mixed by: Aba Berkowitz 🎛🎙
Video Production by: Motty Engel 🎬🎥

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