Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hurricane Irma: Storm Roars Into Florida Keys

Hurricane Irma is hammering the Florida Keys and south Florida. Lonnie Quinn, chief weathercaster of New York station WCBS, joins "CBS This Morning" to offer the latest look at Irma's path.

Hurricane Irma's track is moving farther west, which is good news for Miami and other cities along the Atlantic coast. But those areas are still getting hit hard. Mark Strassmann reports from Miami.

Florida's west coast may face brunt of Hurricane Irma

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The reach of Hurricane Irma's winds

As Hurricane Irma approaches Florida's west coast, perhaps no major metropolitan area is more vulnerable to catastrophic flooding than Tampa Bay area. Storm surge could reach eight feet. David Begnaud reports from Tampa.

Hurricane Irma's wind picks up in Jacksonville

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