Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Smartphone That Fall to Earth

A smartphone has apparently miraculously survived after falling 1,000 feet from a plane - and it recorded the entire experience.

Blake Henderson from Nashville, Tennessee, was filming out of the window of the aircraft he was flying in when his Samsung Galaxy S5 appeared to be sucked out of his hand and started its dramatic freefall to earth below.

Mr Henderson's nephew, Robert Ryan, posted the video online which shows a few seconds recording out of the window of a plane before the smart - and strong - phone seems to get trapped momentarily in the window before it flies free.

Mr Ryan said that his uncle encountered severe turbulence while chasing a JN-4 Jenny bi-plane - a fixed-wing aircraft with two main wings stacked one above the other - which can be seen at the beginning of the video.

'His phone was sucked out of the craft on accident and dropped around 1,000 ft into a very nice families yard,'

The great world spins in alternating layers of blue sky and green earth as the phone tumbles quickly down before it lands in a lush garden, peering up through foliage at the eaves of a house and the sky.

The picture is crystal clear and the sound is perfect.

Someone strims the bush nearby, and the metal teeth of the strimmer machine look like they may herald the phone's untimely end.

But the phone survives this near disaster too until two men find it while they are gardening.

They phone was later returned to its rightful owner after it was turned into the cellular company and they contacted Mr Henderson for recovery.

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