Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Skydiver Ejects From Glider

A professional skydiver perfectly captured the 'best dive of her career', which saw her plunge out of a glider plane in one of the world's most exclusive jumps.

Nicole Smith, of Cleveland, Georgia, was filmed in incredible detail flying in a Fox acrobatic glider across the skies above Skydive Dubai 's Desert Campus.

In footage shot from every angle , Nicole can be seen cry with glee as she waves her arms above her head with picturesque clear blue skies and desert behind her.

As the plane turns over, Nicole breaks loose and flings herself from the passenger seat to free fall solo to the ground.

Nicole joined an elite group of divers who have been given the exclusive opportunity to jump from the plane, with fewer than 100 people being allowed to perform the stunt.

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