Sunday, August 06, 2017

Homeowner Confronts Dumpers in his Dressing Gown

An angry resident who was filmed confronting fly-tippers in just his dressing gown has revealed how he took on the 'parasites to society' and won.

John Paul Lucas was still in bed when he heard banging outside his house in Splott, Cardiff in the UK when he saw three would-be litterbugs jump out their blue van and dump their rubbish into his skip.

Hilarious footage shows the 40-year-old dart out of bed in just his night robes, where he throws their rubbish back into the vehicle before throwing the rest across the street.

The trio look stunned as Mr Lucas sprints outside, with one of the suspects throwing his arms into the air half-heartedly before packing up their van and driving off.

Mr Lucas said: 'I was furious. They are parasites to society. Using other people's services is rife. You've got to pay for what you use. It is basically theft of service.

'I'm usually at work during the day so they picked the wrong time of day. They were hoping no one was in.

'I was lying in bed and I heard banging. I rushed to the window and I saw they were emptying the van into the skip. I rushed down in my dressing gown and I didn't even have my shoes on.

'I hate people taking advantage and it was instinct and a natural reaction to run down to stop them. It's in my nature.

'One of them said to me, "it's only a skip" and I said, "yes, but it's my skip".

Mr Lucas said it was only after a number of incidents occurred that he felt the need to install CCTV facing the skip while he renovated his house.

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